Make your events memorable by offering onsite downloads and registration. Your supporters can still contribute on the day of your fundraising events, and begin their journey into family heritage while they show their support for your cause. The Ohana Mobile App will allow supporters to leave your event knowing that their contribution will continue long after, and their enjoyment of family history is just beginning. 

The Ohana Learning Series can help your non-profit reach its fundraising goal by providing access to our Ohana Family Portal and Mobile App for a special reduced fee. Your supporters can have access to our vast resource of family history data, and learn about their ancestors for a 30 day promotional period. Ohana will donate 50% of the proceeds to your charity, and help you reach your fundraising goal.

 Ohana Learning Series  

Your organization can get the word out about your Ohana Fundraising Campaign through an email blast, direct mail card or social media. Supporting your charity has never been so easy and donors will have 30 days to learn about their family history, and keep the family tree they create for their own enjoyment and to benefit future generations. 


Families For A Cause is a fundraising campaign that Ohana can tailor to your charity's needs. We administer all of the technical aspects of your campaign, and make it easy for your supporters to contribute. Once they download the Ohana Mobile App and register for their 1-month access to research their heritage, they can build their own family tree, and share their results with friends and family.