One of the most important steps in our program is the first step...our in-class introduction to Digital Citizenship, and how to be safe and secure online. Students will learn how to protect their identity, their personal information and their reputation by conducting themselves appropriately while using the Internet, and what the lasting implications are of violating the high standards of conduct that we teach. The Ohana Learning Series supports and complies with the Children's Internet Protection Act and works to ensure your student gains the skills to remain safe and productive while using the Internet. 

Ohana learning series


The Ohana Learning Series is grateful for the input and advice that our Advisory Board provides as we continue to develop our programs. From Social Media Use, Cyber Safety, Legal Guidelines, Historical Research to Curriculum Design, our advisors provide The Ohana Learning Series with important guidance so that we can provide your school with the most interesting, exciting and engaging experience possible.  


Every family has its own unique history, and a way to teach its members important lessons that can carry on throughout generations. Imagine the excitement of learning what your ancestors were doing during important historical periods or if they played a significant role in events that shaped our country, or culture. Now imagine enriching your child's in-class educational experience by tying family activities to classroom curriculum and creating a powerful, personal experience throughout their lessons. 

LEARning with your family.

LEARNing from your family.

The Ohana Learning Series is an exciting introduction to Genealogy for students and their families.​“Ohana” means family in Hawaiian, and family means a nurturing environment for learning to everyone. We connect students to the experiences and accomplishments of their ancestors and create a powerful and lasting learning experience.


The Ohana Learning Series is made up of three steps, including in-class curriculum, online family tree activities, and at-home family study with available ongoing access for parents and family members to learn about their history and monitor their student’s progress. 


There is no greater experience than helping your children to love to learn, and gain exciting new insights into their subjects in school. The Ohana Learning Series opens the door to new educational opportunities by helping you and your family to uncover the experiences of family members of the past. Learning from their lives and accomplishments can be enriching and educational. This is the goal of the Ohana Learning Series and this is what our program can provide for you and your family.

 Ohana Learning Series