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Every student who registers for the Ohana Learning Series will receive a login to access our vast resource of family history and the relationships that make your family unique. This is your student's entry into your ancestry and the rich history that has yet to be discovered. 

Because we realize the internet can be a scary place for young students, we ensure each username and password is unique, and protected within our research environment so student activity is restricted to genealogy research only. Now your student is ready to begin this incredible learning experience into your family's history. 

Through our national partner, EveryoneOn, we would like to help ensure that families in every school district we serve, have affordable access to the Internet for the ongoing study of genealogy. The Internet is the key to so many 21st Century Learning programs, and with the help of EveryoneOn, we hope to help families in disadvantaged areas to access the Internet affordably. Visit our page at and enter your zip code to find an affordable Internet access program and affordable computer equipment that is available to you and your family. 

The Ohana Learning Series begins with an in-class introduction, led by one of our trained professionals, or "Kumu," which means "Teacher" in Hawaiian. Your student's Kumu will give an overview of the series, the steps toward discovering your family's rich history, and important cautions about Digital Citizenship and CyberBullying. We want all students to accept the responsibility of using the internet, understand the potential implications of their activities online, and enjoy the exciting experience we are providing. 

Because access to the internet is available almost anywhere at any time, we provide our own Mobile App, so parents can monitor their student's online activities 24/7, and receive notifications that keep them apprised of all communication that takes place. 

The Ohana Mobile App also allows for access to the search features of the web portal, so you and your student can continue to build your Family School, adding new members as you continue to discover your heritage. 

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 Ohana Learning Series  

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